Rosaries fall from above. These prayer beads with a crucifix at the end of each chain fall, then land on the ground. Sometimes
they hit visitors as they walk past, but not always. At the end of the installation the floor will be covered with them. ROSARIES
is an interactive installation using 2,500 light blue colored rosaries which hang above the exhibition space. The installation is
controlled by the visitors’ movements and tracked by motion sensors hidden under the rosaries.
For every person who activates one of the motion sensors, a rosary is released.
An interface is produced between the profane, the mass amounts of plastic beads/sculpture lying around and the sacred, the
readily understandable symbol of the cross. The characteristics of the installation can be read as confrontational. Just by merely
being present at that exact moment one becomes involved in the exhibition as a target; at least one did not ask to have
something fall on top of him/her. One has to react. The hierarchy created is a regulation which can be good and/or bad.
There is no right and wrong, nor are we boundless in any way.