Videowork, 45 Minutes, 16:9 (HD/2K) ,



A narration is a narrative of fictitious events.
A narration is a fictional memoir of non- fictional events.
A narration is the mental order of fictional and non- fictional events in a comprehensible way for the
individual order.

What elements are necessary to form a story? What things need to be in a narration and if they are, in which order.
Of which degrees of importance does the events has to be to find their place in our memories?
The work NARRATION consists of six different scenes which thematise and build the different aspects and
essential parts which together form a narration.

The Setting | The Approach | The Past | The Narrator | The Event| The Construct

Ulrich Matthes, Pina Bergemann, Denis Petković, Hannes Lehmann, Eva Langkabel, Laust Frederiksen, Tjarko Bohlen

Director – Thomas Taube
Camera – Joanna Piechotta
Camera-Assistance – Anna Motzel
Steadicam – Christoph Iwanow
Light – Daniel Pauselius
Light-Assistance – Christoph Bartsch
Grip – Nico Mews
Sound – Lukas Grundmann
Sound-Assistance – Adam Asnan
Sounddesign - Gregor Pfeffer
Composition - Gregor Pfeffer
Editing – Gregor Bartsch, Thomas Taube
Make-Up, Outfit – Stefanie Ruellich
Production /Set-Management – Varinka Schreurs