The Holies have the function of fulfilling their lives with one certain role. They become the non-plus-ultra
in that aspect of human behavior – they are perfect. In DIE NEBENSONNEN, I embody iconographic figures
according to 16 holy templates that, because of their attributes, have become a very important part of my
life and development. In all the figures, I recognize a part of my personality again. With many figures
containing more, with some fewer attributes. Furthermore, the holy figures function as role models despite
their seemingly antiquated appearance.
The figures and their images are anchored in the general European consciousness even if most of the people
do not consciously realize this. That is, if the meaning of the individual figures is not clear, the visual effects
of sweat, blood and tears are still understandable today.
In this exhibition, the observer finds himself surrounded by the figures that are embodied by only one
person, me. Each of the eight simultaneously projected characters is elevated and/or super-elevated. In
this schizophrenic piece, the 16 figures communicate with each other and with the visitor in a 10 minutes loop.
At the beginning of the recording, I assume the position which is mostly associated with each of the
iconographic figures. My own inner and outer behavior develops during the performative process. Personal
sentiments opposite the embodied figure and memories influence this imminently. Being raised in a Catholic
environment, the Holies have played an important role since my childhood. They would always accompany me,
and in my mind, they would protect me and surround me in every situation— at least that was a part of my
childhood imagination.
I have re-enacted the figures without having to learn any new roles because I have carried these values with
me since my childhood. The attributes and the values these figures stand for are part of our collective
identity, which we hardly can escape from.