Blessed Drop




In an empty space, a droplet of water falls– Constantly. One nearly every minute. You hear nothing else
except the sound of the drop impacting with the ground. The center of the exhibition space slowly
becomes a puddle of holy water. Emptiness, loneliness. One can look for the source, but the technical
setup of the work hangs where it cannot be seen adding to this atmosphere.


The exhibition Blessed Drop works using water in a reduced form combined with the visitor’s illusion.
It is water. This information however, dramatically changes the moment one finds out the water has
been blessed by a Catholic priest. The question is raised of what the term “holy” means and how the
value of the water, which is self-evidently normal water, an Earth substance, has been elevated by
being blessed. But has it truly been elevated, or is it our projection which causes us to create this
distance and maybe fear? The water puddle within the room continues to grow claiming more and
more space making it less neutral and more religious. This leaves less and less space for the visitor
to keep his/her distance during the installation. It is a treat and a promise of salvation at the same
time depending on the viewpoint of the observer. In the end it is just water; an existential element.


Every minute another drop falls. The time of waiting can be a torture and a relief, or be totally unnoticed.
The knowledge of what has happened to this simple drop of water is fundamental.