7 Variations

7-Channel-Videoinstallation ,




The 7-Channel Video Installation, 7 Variations is based on the documation of the work “Variations VII” by John Cage from 1966. In this are 7 key scenes which have
been reenacted in order to be deconstructed and recontextualized at the same moment. It is not important if the visitor does not know either the original
performance or the documentation. Because each scene is hung within the space on seven loose canvases, they develop an independent relationship to one
another cancelling each other out.
Starting with the documentation material and not the actual work by John Cage, I took the selected scenes and firmly transferred them onto a film medium. In my work,
I have detached them from their actual context thus formulating new, independent ways of being received. The binding element within the installation is the original
sound recording from Cage’s 1966 work.